NavDx® FAQ

Naveris’ lead product, NavDx®, is a liquid biopsy that uses proprietary technology to enable ultrasensitive surveillance of HPV-related cancer.

NavDx® identifies tumor-tissue-modified HPV DNA (TTMV) which is far more prevalent (50-1,000 times more concentrated) in blood than circulating tumor DNA.

NavDx® has been clinically validated through a 3-year longitudinal study, demonstrating 100% negative predictive value and 94% positive predictive value in detecting recurrence of HPV-related head and neck cancer.

NavDx® is in use at leading hospitals and cancer clinics across the United States for early detection of HPV-related cancer.

NavDx® is clinically proven to help identify relapse of head and neck cancer months before CT scans, with 100% sensitivity

  • NavDx® has been clinically validated in a multi-year longitudinal study for head & neck cancer recurrence
  • NavDx®  is intended to provide information for the clinical management of HPV-related head and neck cancers.
  • NavDx® has the potential to allow patients with recurrent disease to begin earlier treatment and spare disease-free patients from repeated invasive testing.

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