Circulating Tumor DNA


The sophisticated, new liquid biopsy test  NavDxTM measures fragments of DNA shed by cancers cells in the blood.
Ultra sensitive and quantitative method for non-invasive cancer detection.
We have developed an innovative, accurate, and sensitive blood test that can detect early-stage cancers in patients. Our approach is to detect cancers using specialized genetic fingerprints of these cancers from circulating tumor DNA.

The NavDxTM test is a liquid biopsy cancer diagnostic test. Liquid biopsies are minimally invasive, real-time tests that detect molecular biomarkers in biological fluids, serving as an alternative to surgical biopsies. There are five distinct applications for the technology: (1) guided selection of targeted- and immuno-therapies, (2) prognosis of the likely course and outcome of disease for individual patients, (3) early detection of cancer in the general asymptomatic population, (4) real time monitoring of patient responses to therapy, and 5) monitoring patients in remission for the development of recurrence.