About Us

Our mission at Naveris is to deliver disruptive technology with the potential to transform cancer detection and improve patient outcomes.

Naveris has developed highly sensitive blood tests for cancers to enable early diagnosis in the general asymptomatic population, real time monitoring of response in patients undergoing treatment, and detection of cancer recurrence in patients in remission.

Our tests use a disruptive proprietary technology to capture and analyze cancer associated  DNA in blood plasma that has 50-1,000x increased sensitivity compared to existing ctDNA tests.

Our flagship technology is NavDx™liquid biopsy blood test that analyzes tumor DNA in the circulation to detect specific subtypes of cancer. In clinical studies, NavDx™ has established its ability to detect cancers early – in many cases months before patients would be symptomatic given current clinical practice.



Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our technologies and services.


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