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Our mission at Naveris is to deliver disruptive technology with the potential to transform cancer detection and improve patient outcomes.

About Naveris

Naveris has developed highly sensitive blood tests for cancers to enable early diagnosis in the general asymptomatic population, real-time monitoring of response in patients undergoing treatment, and detection of cancer recurrence in patients in remission.


Our tests use disruptive proprietary technology to capture and analyze cancer-associated  DNA in blood plasma that has increased sensitivity compared to existing circulating tumor DNA tests.


Our flagship technology is NavDx®, a liquid biopsy test that analyzes tumor-tissue-modified DNA in the blood to detect Human papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancer. In clinical studies, NavDx® has established its ability to monitor head & neck cancer recurrence.¹˒²˒³ A positive blood test preceded the detection of recurrence by imaging for 91% of patients, with a median lead-time of 3.9 months.¹

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