What IS NavDx®?

NavDx is the first and only clinically validated circulating tumor-tissue–modified HPV (TTMV®) DNA blood test that aids in the detection of HPV-driven cancer.

NavDx uses proprietary technology to quantify fragments of circulating TTMV HPV DNA, a unique HPV-driven cancer biomarker that cancer cells shed into the blood. This highly accurate blood test reliably uncovers the presence of HPV+ head and neck cancer across the care continuum.¹˒²

NavDx lets you optimize clinical management of HPV-driven cancer by accurately assessing treatment response, identifying the presence of post-treatment molecular residual disease, and conveniently monitoring for recurrence.¹ The easy-to-interpret, actionable NavDx test report helps inform clinical decisions, enabling physicians to treat earlier, which may result in improved outcomes.

  • This clinical utility has been validated in a 3-year longitudinal study for head and neck cancer,¹ and proven in real-world practice⁴
  • Distinguishes TTMV HPV DNA from non-cancerous sources of HPV DNA²
  • NavDx has demonstrated 100% negative predictive value (NPV) and 94% positive predictive value (PPV) for active HPV-driven malignancy¹

This innovative and accessible blood test for HPV+ cancer helps inform clinical decisions, enabling physicians to intervene earlier, which may result in improved outcomes.¹

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