• NavDxTM is a liquid biopsy blood test that detects Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)-associated head and neck cancers in patients
  • NavDxTM has been demonstrated to detect early recurrences in patients before they would be identified in current clinical practice
  • NavDxTM measures fragments of DNA shed by cancers cells in the blood
  • NavDxTM  is intended to provide information to clinicians with a more precise  understanding the status of the disease recurrence which helps in making decisions on current and future therapy.

There are five distinct applications of NavDxTM  (1) guided selection of targeted- and immuno-therapies, (2) prognosis of the likely course and outcome of disease for individual patients, (3) early detection of cancer in asymptomatic individuals, (4) real time monitoring of patient responses to therapy, and 5) monitoring patients in remission for the development of recurrence.

For patients who previously received a cancer diagnosis, we use a blood sample collected by your doctor to detect cancers using specialized genetic fingerprints of your cancer.
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